Omega Custom Fire Pit Tables

Relinquish the day, surrender to tranquility with Omega custom Fire Pit Tables

Omega Fire Pits is the quintessential destination for all your cast stone outdoor product solution. Omegas' new line of fire pit tables offer an extensive collection of fully customizable, elegant and charming fire pits that compliment the existing line of fully customizable products. Similar to Omegas' full line of cast stone products, each fire pit is customizable, always delivering distinctly individual and unique pieces. Choose from a selection of fire pit burners equipped with gas or propane valves, available in variety of shapes and sizes, from round, square to rectangular. Available in a outdoor diamond stone finish, offered in many colors, each created and customized to suit your outdoor living space. Omegas' fire pit burners are also available with optional glass surround to help minimize wind and maintain optimal flame level, creating a warm and inviting space.
Capture the essence of quality, durability and functionality while delivering tranquility with Omegas' outdoor cast stone fire pit tables, customized to complete your backyard oasis.

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